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Chile & Bolivia 2009!

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In just ten days, I will be departing for South America to spend three weeks exploring the wonders of Chilé and Bolivia! I’m excited to see northern Chile for the first time and looking forward to re-visiting Bolivia, especially the Lake Titicaca area.

Hiking Isle del Sol, Bolivia on Lake Titicaca

Hiking Isle del Sol, Bolivia on Lake Titicaca

I know it has been a while since I’ve blogged on this site, mostly because I’ve been busy hiking. but when I begin my trip, I hope to find time to submit blog entries over at my main site, kolbykirk.com. If I don’t have a moment to take a break from the trip to blog, I’ll definitely post a few write up’s after my return in December, both about my trip in general (over at kolbykirk.com) and, more specifically, about my hikes (here at 100hikes.com). If I don’t have time to blog, I’ll most likely just submit tweets.  You can follow me on my other Twitter account (user: kahunna), where I imagine I’ll be sending more frequent updates than my 100hikes Twitter.  (Yeah, yeah, I know – I have a big web footprint.)

I’ll write up a progress report before I go, which will give you a little more info about this upcoming backpacking adventure.  Will I be hiking more or less on this trip?  You might be surprised to hear the answer.

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