I’m a big fan of maps. I’d be aiming for a specialized degree in cartography right now if given the patience and the scholarship (neither of which I have). When I was a teen, along with collecting stamps, baseball cards, and comic books, I had a proud collection of National Geographic Magazines and their maps. With a magnifying glass and a heap of imagination, I would explore every detail of a map. When Google Maps launched their “terrain” overlay in November 2007, I found myself scrolling around the maps, looking for cool places to explore just as I once did years ago. Recently, I’ve been tinkering around with the technical side of Google Maps and have created a few maps I can call my own. I’ve mapped out all of the hikes I’ve done so far for 100hikes.com and placed them on the Google Maps interface. The functionality still needs some work, but I hope you find the map useful in planning your own adventure. More information below the screen capture.

I have created the following maps:

At this point, the interactivity of the map is minimal. Hover over the small icons to see the hike number and location. Until I make it more interactive, refer to the Hike List for links to the individual hikes.